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Clutter Box
{clut.ter} A confused or disordered state or collection; A jumble

Hello, I'm Angela

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I love chocolate and lemon.

Though not mixed together. I do love baking and exploring ways to enjoy bursts of wonderful flavors. 

I am amateur self portrait photographer. 

I love using imaginary to express emotions and to help me better understand myself. 

I love yoga

I go to a yoga class almost daily and my Instagram feed is full of my practice. It helps me center myself.

I am an avid reader

Typically I stick to the fantasy genre. But I am trying to branch out and exploring other options, ranging from self help, mental health, poetry, and mystery. 

Thank you for dropping by my space! Learn more about me below


If we were to met for coffee and you asked me to tell you about myself. I would hesitate. There were some big defining moments in my life in 2014 and 2015 and I have been defining myself by those moments since. The thing is, I don't want to be defined by those moments for forever. They were powerful and I am thankful for them, but who am I now, three years later?

Let's assume by this point, we've already ordered our drinks and have sat somewhere cozy. You might have noticed that I didn't order coffee, but some kind of steamer instead. We will be at that awkward stage, where we don't know each other and yet we know each other well enough to do coffee. I'm quiet and you'll ask me that question, which has lead to my awkward hesitation after which I will blurt out, way too fast: 

I'm a happily unemployed Canadian living in Wisconsin. I'm in Wisconsin because my husband got a job here. His visa lets him work and mine does not. I'm a blogger, posting twice a week with a focus on mental health and lifestyle. I do all my own photography and my little slice of the internet is something I am very proud of. I'm a yogi, going to class almost daily and I'm an avid reader. Who are you?

Hopefully the spill of words tumbling out of my mouth will make you smile and you'll sip your coffee and we'll be friends. If not, I'll be glad to have at least met you and even in my awkwardness have made an attempt. What you'll find in this space is that spill of words. I try my best to write it well, just as everyday I challenge myself to become a better person. I hope you will join me. 

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