Date Night
Date Night

Our Anniversary was the third. This year I've actually written a bit about it. First on the day of and then on Saturday. We have been together for a 1/3 our of lives. It's a strange thought. For our first big date in Wisconsin, we decided to try out a place that came recommended to us and is on my Wisconsin To Do List.

Quivery’s Grove - specifically Stone House

As is standard for Kevin and I, we got dressed up for the occasion. I didn't feel like spending the money on another dress that I would hardly wear so I dug through my closet and came up with these three options.

I ended up sending pictures to two friends to help me decide

date night

One friend choose option one, the other choose option 3. Kevin came home and vetoed them both and I ended up with option 2. Which in the end was definitely the most comfortable.

As usual I am getting ahead of myself. All previous big dates out, both of us having been working. So it was very strange to have all day to prep for my date. I ended up pampering myself, I took an hour to curl my hair. I wandered through the mall. I attempted to get my makeup done at Sephora but they were all booked up. I spent the day just thinking about my date.

Finally Kevin came home and we were off. First thing though is we took a picture! I am loving this huge blank wall space I have (eventually it will be a gallery wall, but for now blank). I really need to get some photo lights to remove the yellow. This photo took forever to edit to look semi decent and I am still not happy with it. 

We ended up stopping by target before dinner to get Kevin some pants that weren't falling apart. But eventually we made it to the Grove.

First this place was not easy to find. There was no lighting and while it's a restaurant, it holds true to the look of a house. There were no signs to direct you and when you walked in the entrance it was a house entry way with no one there to greet you. It felt weird. We ended up just trying doors till one opened and then following a hallway till we find a human. From there she lead us to a table. And we sat down.

The environment of the restaurant was interesting. At first it was so quiet and the lighting was so dull that both of us felt like we couldn't talk because we would be too loud. Dates like this we both put our cellphones away and just talk, but that felt impossible. The waitress was wonderful, she kept my tea-pot filled with hot water. We had an interesting soup for an appetizer and complimentary Raisin Bran Muffins.

Now neither Kevin or I like raisins bran, so we were worried about the muffins. But they were tasty little buggers, and I was half tempted to ask for the recipe! I am going to be searching for recipes to see if I can make them.

Kevin got the Veal Cutlets and I got the lamb. Both portions were huge. Kevin's had bacon cooked brussels sprouts cooked to perfect and his meal was good, according to him. Mine was the tenderest lamb, with yummy mashed potatoes, served with rutabaga, carrots, parsnips and onion. It was delicious, but so heavy. We didn't end up getting dessert because the meal was so big and yummy. And by that time we both just wanted out of there.

The place felt like a fake fancy, if that makes sense. It was expensive which was expected but the experience let us both wanting something more from it.

We came home and finished the night with movies and yoga. And with that here's my two favorite pictures. One from before we walked out and another from us relaxing afterwards.

How do you do date night?

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