Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

When I talk about home, I mean a small city near Calgary called Lethbridge. It's not home because it's where I want to live, it's home because that's where a good majority of the people I love live (though not all of them). Lethbridge just happens to be a place where, if we go back to visit, is the easiest place for everyone to gather. 

Wisconsin is also home, mostly because I love how beautiful it is here and it's where we are building the life we've been working towards.  

You don't work?

I don't work. 

By lucky happenstance my husband, Kevin, got a job in the United States and as mentioned above we are from Canada. He got a visa that allows him to work a very specific type of job. I got a dependent visa, which allows me to be with him, but doesn't allow me to work. We are currently working towards getting our US citizenship and, as such, follow all rules given to us by the US government. For the time being, that means we are not allowed to leave the country and I am not allowed to work.

I haven't worked a full-time job since November 2014. I stopped working part-time gigs in September 2015.

Your blog doesn't make money?


For the time being there are no ads on this space or any of my social media. I will occasionally receive a product for review. But all posts will always be my honest opinion. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

If you don't work, what do you do?

A heck of a lot of yoga, reading, photography, and blogging. See my self portraits for some of what I do. 

Why the "Clutter Box"

I honestly don't remember the original intent. I think it had to do with wanting to be anonymous and having the free will to write whatever I needed without judgement from others. I created this space originally to hid and write out all the horrible thoughts that went through my head. 

Today it is how I see my mind, a clutter of things that I am trying to work through. I hope that the thoughts are a lot kinder towards myself and others. I want this space to be a safe place to go and feel whatever emotions need feeling. 

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