Chicken Korma

So we had Nathan and Shams over the other night. One to play games and get to know them better (for me anyways) and Two Shams makes Chicken Korma and I want to know how. Besides the fact that I am ridiculous shy to the point that I annoy myself it was a great night The Chicken Korma turned out great... now for me to just remember how to do it.

In A Massive pot

a drop of oil
brown onion slices
drop in 6-8 chicken breasts


add 4 tsp of garlic
2 tsp ginger

Mix well and brown

and this is where my memory starts to get fuzzy

add cumin and ketchup until it's the right colour
warm up a cup of milk in the microwave
add two sliced tomatoes
cover chicken with milk


depending on colour add more ketchup

Cook up

added 2 tsp of chili powder
four little pieces of something
two bay leaves
two green peppers

Cook for 25 minutes

Then simmer until right consistancy

serve up with rice

and guess who forgot to take pictures???


Next time ;)

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