Nutella Cupcakes and Bread

I can't figure out what I am craving so I made two different things this weekend.

Mummies Famous French Bread

original recipe here

Super Quick Nutella Cupcakes

original recipe here

The Cupcake Recipe

10 tablespoons of flour
2 eggs
1 cup (280 grams) of Nutella
Mix, dump in cupcake holder, bake @350 for 15-20 Min. Makes 12.

NOTES: I did a half batch, mostly because I knew Kevin won't eat it (he hates Nutella.. the weirdo) and I am not sure if this is wasting good Nutella or not. It was good, but I probably won't do it again. Oh and I added a 1/2 tsp of baking soda as I don't have self-rising flour.

The Bread Recipe

temp: 425 - cook time: 25-30 mins. - yield: 2 loaves


5 3/4 C. flour
2 tsp. salt
1 tbs. sugar
2 tbs yeast
2 C. hot water
2 tbs. olive oil

Add dry ingredients together in mixing bowl and whisk together forming a well in the center.
Add your 2 cups of hot (but not scalding, or you'll kill your yeast!) water to a glass measuring cup, and than add your oil to the water. Pour your water and oil mixture slowly into the well you've made in your flour, all the while starting to mix with a wooden spoon, slowly bringing the outer flour into the center.
After your dry and wet ingredients are making pretty good friends, remove your rings and begin mixing with your hands, continuing to scoop the outer dough to the center and pushing down, rotating the bowl in a circle. try not to over-mix! You want residual flour here and there.
Once your all done flip the whole big 'lump' over and cover the bowl with a dish towel or tea towel remembering to not leave any cracks for warm air to escape!
Twice or three times during the next hour or so you'll flip the dough over, mix it only three or four times pulling the outside to the inside, fli it back over, and recover with your towel.
Spread a thin layer of flour on your counter top and plop half of your dough in the center. Use your rolling pin to make a tall rectangle, and start rolling from one side to the other forming your loaf. Make sure to pinch your crease all the way along the seam or your loaf will unroll in the oven!
With the seam now at the bottom, use a pastry brush to spread a thin layer of egg-whites over the surface. Sprinkle with sesame seeds (sometimes I add sunflower and or poppy seeds), and slice between 4-6 times diagonally across the top.
Add the pan to your hot oven for 25 mins and get some dishes done while you wait! In the last five mins i like to spread a little melted butter across the top. Sinful I know, but it just makes the flakiest most delicious crust! ...also I add more butter at the very end when I take them out of the oven.... Don't judge me!
NOTES: I didn't do the butter or the sesame seeds. When it was fresh out of the oven I sliced it open and we dipped it in melted butter.

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