Weekly Wishes and "Early" Photo Challenge

Weekly Wishes and "Early" Photo Challenge

Early... this picture might not make sense for anyone not in the company. But we got out 75th anniversary shirts three weeks early! I of course had to try it out and see if it fit!

This Weeks WISH - Networking

My old blog had a nice community and then things changed. I had to take the blog off the internet and I haven’t truly blogged again until last year. I miss that community feeling. I missed chatting with friends I've never met but know more about me than anyone in my actual life (beside Kevin of course). I was scrolling through my old blog and discovered that I had an old goal called 100 Comments. I realized that the blogs I read now compared to the blogs I use to read are very different and the ones I read now I don't have much in comment with. Most are Fashion or Book Bloggers and while I love doing outfit posts on skinny days I am no fashionista. My book blog is more me gushing about me loving a book or hating a book than a proper review (and that's exactly the way I like it).

The question is how do I find that community feeling again. I commented on a post a few days ago regarding networking and for the life of me I can not find this post! But it really made me think about what I wanted for this blog. I am not a good writer. I don't spell things correctly, I am terribly at grammar so bad in fact that there have been times I dream about an English teacher marking my blog in red ink!

To start I decided to make-over my blog. I spent some money and bought two blog designs for Clutter Box and Books I've Read because to me they are one and the same! The lovely Laure from sophie&rory put my little blogs together and I love the results! It's pink how could I not!

The next best way to join a community is get in on some of the action. I am joining Melyssa from the Nectar Collective for her Weekly Wishes (I love goal orientated things so that works). And because I like to jump head first into things I joined her SNAIL MAIL COLLECTIVE that she hosts with Chelsea from Lost Travels.

I also did this in May except I didn't know who was running it at the time. But I have joined Chantelle from from Fatmumslim for her Photo A Day Challenge. You can see today's at the top of this post and the rest for this month here. It's definitely a challenge but the community is massive! I love photography and it's a great way to challenge myself.

Not sure yet where I will go from there but I am looking forward to the journey. Any thoughts you have on how I can exceed my network or build better relationships let me know!

Happy Monday!

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