Weekly Wishes and "Early" Photo Challenge

Early... this picture might not make sense for anyone not in the company. But we got out 75th anniversary shirts three weeks early! I of course had to try it out and see if it fit!

This Weeks WISH - Networking

My old blog had a nice community and then things changed. I had to take the blog off the internet and I haven’t truly blogged again until last year. I miss that community feeling. I missed chatting with friends I've never met but know more about me than anyone in my actual life (beside Kevin of course). I was scrolling through my old blog and discovered that I had an old goal called 100 Comments. I realized that the blogs I read now compared to the blogs I use to read are very different and the ones I read now I don't have much in comment with. Most are Fashion or Book Bloggers and while I love doing outfit posts on skinny days I am no fashionista. My book blog is more me gushing about me loving a book or hating a book than a proper review (and that's exactly the way I like it).

The question is how do I find that community feeling again. I commented on a post a few days ago regarding networking and for the life of me I can not find this post! But it really made me think about what I wanted for this blog. I am not a good writer. I don't spell things correctly, I am terribly at grammar so bad in fact that there have been times I dream about an English teacher marking my blog in red ink!

To start I decided to make-over my blog. I spent some money and bought two blog designs for Clutter Box and Books I've Read because to me they are one and the same! The lovely Laure from sophie&rory put my little blogs together and I love the results! It's pink how could I not!

The next best way to join a community is get in on some of the action. I am joining Melyssa from the Nectar Collective for her Weekly Wishes (I love goal orientated things so that works). And because I like to jump head first into things I joined her SNAIL MAIL COLLECTIVE that she hosts with Chelsea from Lost Travels.

I also did this in May except I didn't know who was running it at the time. But I have joined Chantelle from from Fatmumslim for her Photo A Day Challenge. You can see today's at the top of this post and the rest for this month here. It's definitely a challenge but the community is massive! I love photography and it's a great way to challenge myself.

Not sure yet where I will go from there but I am looking forward to the journey. Any thoughts you have on how I can exceed my network or build better relationships let me know!

Happy Monday!