2010 Year in Review

2010 Year in Review
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We went to the Orchestra for the first time.
Our old car got a smashed bumper at the mall.


We went to our very first Ballet.
Starting debating about buying a car.
We bought the car.
4 year anniversary.


I know it's silly but I did my hair post and really I am pretty proud of that post.
Had a photo shoot with Photography Rebel.
Went to Golden Child's bridal shower.
Went to the Zoo with Friend.
Went to Golden Child's wedding.


Bought my rollerblades.
Bought Monopoly Cities (I hate monopoly so this is a big thing for me).
Met up with a childhood friend.
Started thinking about Vegetarian Lifestyle.


Joined work Biggest Loser competition.
Took a friend out rollerblading for the first time.
Started the 30 day shred video.
Went to little bro's baseball games.


Paid off the car!!
Got my gym membership


Worked out like crazy.
Failed my 5th plant.


Did a week of dresses.
My thirty day project.
Worked out faithfully.


Failed miserably in money matters.
Bought my laptop.
Upgraded Mr.'s computer.
Went to the Body Works Show the Telus Science Center (Old Building).
Mr. joined the gym.


Tried Euthopian food.
Went to an Ironman Party.
Got my IUD.


Met new friends.
Gym life started slowing down due to the snow and cold.
Both of us got new job positions!!


Again failed miserably in money matters.
Had a fabulous Christmas with my family!! best in years (maybe has to do with the fact that Golden Child (or Double D's) weren't there.

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