2011 Year in Review

2011 Year in Review


I got a new baby sister.
Mr. and I got a new couch.
I got an allergy test done.


Mr.'s Grandpa past away.
5 year anniversary.


I got an XRay and MRI on my wrist nothing found though.


Mr. bought me Pascal and the Adventures of Pascal was created.


I started planning Fab-Flier's Baby Shower.
I hung out with a bunch of fabulous people.
Mr. and I went to the Orchestra .


I hosted Fab-Flier's Baby Shower.
Went to Comic-Con and went up with a Great Friend.
and an two amazing friends got married!!


Pascal went to Vegas.
I went to a friends birthday far away.
Mr. and I started discussing tattoos.
I helped a friend out.


I started running.
I did a week of dresses.
Mr. and I started looking for a new place to move.


Mr. started school.
I worked way to much over time.
We packed up and prepped for moving.


I ran my first 5K race.
We moved.
I started making quilts for Mr. and me (they aren't done yet...)


I ran more then sprained my ankle.
I made a treat for a friend.
We got a kitchen aid.


I started my second job
Mr. put in ton's of hours at his job and did superb in school.
We had a fantastic Christmas with his family and Mine!
I threw myself a birthday party.

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