2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review

Today's my Birthday and I'll party if I want to!! And I will, except first I'm gonna write about my 2013 year!



I had a girls night with my Mom and two of my little sisters! It was my first weekend without Kevin in 6ish years not sure of the exact years. We went to Zoolights with friends (1 and 2) and a wedding!


I tired out a new style of glasses. Attempted to start my own business (fate was working against me and I am glad it didn't work out) I ran a successful Valentines promotion at work and we celebrated our 7th anniversary.


I bought all the nail supplies needed to do gel nails!! But my blow-drier died. We had a couples date with my family and hit up the Science Center for Pi Day. We got new phones and I did another successful work event, this time Movie in the Pool.


I wore a viking hat, had my Jockey Open Party (see February), had a mini family reunion with Gramma, Grandpa, Uncle Gary, Dad W, Mom W, Daniel, Daphne, Charles, Eliah, Jessica, and Us, and we went to Mike’s Graduation Party in Lethbridge


I completed a May Photo Challenge and we bought a Mint Dirt Dog. Then we went to a ton of events Sikh Parade, Vietnamese Student Gala, and Lilac Festival with Drew and Nicole. Other things that happened, included a trip to Edmonton with Karen and Mike and our apartment flooded (1 and 2). I also ran another successful work event at the Korean Community Hall.


The City joined us in flooding (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), We got evacuated, we got rained out at the Military Skirmishes, I attempted to grow Rhubarb. Good things that happened Calgary Zoo Photo Day, MEC Bike Fest, Legally Blonde Musical with Carrie, Turkish Festival, and Inglewood Night Market


We visited Lethbridge (which isn't unusual). Then it was stampede and we usually don't participate but this time we went for the food - Hillhurst Stampede Breakfast and Work Stampede Breakfast. Then we hit up Sun and Salsa Festival.


We went to an amazing wedding! Got served Brinner at Cat's. Worked the Korean Festival and GlobalFest. Saw the City of Bones Movie, did August Photo a Day, and went to Taste of Calgary. And of course Kevin's Birthday.


Was Book Club - Me Before You, then Chuck E Cheese and the Orchestra (twice)! We hit up Calaway Park with the family. Had dinner with the couple whose wedding we went to in August and I got to go the Amanda Lindhout Event. And I participated in Blogtember and Snail Mail Collective!


I had Wordfest Orientation. Drew visited for the weekend, same weekend I did the Breast Cancer Run. The next weekend I made pie for Thanksgiving (two actually!), babysat a friend's children, went to Thankgiving dinner at Cats and then drove to Lethbridge for Kevin's family Thanksgiving dinner. I worked three nights at Wordfest and did a week of testing at work. We went to the Orchestra again and I met friends at Chuck E Cheese. Oh and I finished my 30 Day Clothing Challenge.


Had brunch with Amanda (and had to die for Salted Caramel French Toast with bananas). Kevin had homework, so Cat and I went to the Orchestra. Then we drove to Lethbridge for Drew's home coming party, had a family gathering with Kevin's family and met up with my family and some old friends for breakfast. We saw Thor and Karen and Mike came for a visit! I got my curling iron (for my birthday, just early). Went to the Orchestra - with Kevin this time and then our Bathroom ceiling leaked


Great Christmas month, Holiday Gift Market, the Jingles Band Show, and a GingerBread Party. Instead of running a 5k race, I sprained my ankle. We had a Christmas D&D Party. Then lunch with a friend, a couple days letter coffee with my parents. We attended an epic Christmas Party. Then it was actually Christmas (our "Christmas Card"! Spent Christmas Day at my parents, Boxing Day at Kevin's Parents.

The year will finish off some awesome friends coming over and a party!! Happy Birthday to me!

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