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Raspberry Pie Twists Number 2

FoodAngela TolsmaComment
Raspberry Pie Twists Number 2

Last week I tried these out.
They were super yummy but I decided to change it up

For the Twists:

- 1 pack pillsbury pie crusts (I actually used the croissant dough)
- 2 TBSP raspberry preserves
- 2 TBSP cream cheese
- powdered sugar for dusting
Method:  Step #1: Preheat oven.

Step #2: Roll out your dough and cut out

Step #3: Mix your raspberry and cream cheese

Step #4: spread on cute pieces of dough

Step #5: fold dough and twist

Step #6: Bake as directions state on the pillsbury packaging

These were pretty awesome too!

Though I am not sure yet why I still am insisting on using raspberry jam!!

Kevin's thoughts... would rather no twist and preferred the first batch with no cream cheese. Second day they were better with the icing on top, maybe... must try again.

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