Hedley and Easter Eggs

Hedley and Easter Eggs

So many exciting things for me!! Today is my Easter Egg Party!! So yesterday I hard-boiled my eggs (did ten only broke one!!) and I wanted to experiment with a few tactics before the party and those are the three you see in the middle!!

So the middle is melted crayon on the hot egg which I won't be able to do at the party as the eggs will be cold! The Left one is a layered technique in which you slowly submerse the egg in more water. And the right one was left all night in the blue dye, which ended disappointing as I thought it would be darker and the wax I had put on it wore off so those parts got coloured!!

All in all I am so excited to do more eggs and see what everyone else does with their eggs!!

LAST NIGHT we went to Heldey! They are one of my favorite bands and I was so excited to be able to go. Went with Cat, her friend, and Kevin. And man, was it LOUD! I have gone to a few concerts in my life - Nickleback, Weird Al, Orchestra. And I guess I forgot how old I was. It was an amazing night Classified opened for them, they played all the songs I loved - plus a few from other people (like one from Miley Cryus - except played well and one from Rihanna)

We went to denny's after where Cat showed off her balancing skills!

Saturday was fantastic!! Now I am off to make snacks for the Egg Party!! Totally forgot to get any decorations or buy anything egg related or Easter Related.... but it's more about the people!!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy cell-phone photos. Can't bring my camera to concerts! Actually I didn't even bring my phone I used Kevin's.

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