I love Camera Angles

I love Camera Angles

Camera Angles are amazing!! Seriously I look so small in these pictures!! I am wondering if I am getting warped mirror syndrome (my pants say otherwise, but). You know what I have written a few posts about things I hate. But the reality of it is I feel great!

I am also loving the growing out blonde. I have no desire to colour right now. Plus it's going to super hard to colour it, because the blonde staying around for a bit!

This hairstyle didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to. I wanted to do a tight french braid from the neck up and a simple top knot. Instead I ended with a fishtail twist and a floppy half pulled pony-tail. I am still pretty happy with the result!

Also you can't really see it and I didn't think to get an up close picture but I managed to do a winged eye look. :( Disappointed I didn't get a close up. Will have to do it again!!! XOXO

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