Well Hello There

Today I overheard a father talking about his son. It was not a conversation I enjoyed. Nothing is worse than overhearing a father say his son is worth nothing more than a general labourer. Yes there is nothing wrong with being a general labourer. But I would hope that each and every person out there has a dream and is supported in that dream. There's allot more details to this story. But the gist of it is parents don't support their kids dreams enough.

I've recently become an Aunt (and I hope to see my new little niece soon!) and while I do not want children. I am so excited to become an Aunt! (There are still two more little ones on their way!! so I'll be an Aunt to three!!) I was looking around trying to decide what to buy for this buddle of joy and I found the perfect little pair of princess shoes! I was talking to Kevin about them and he said we couldn't buy them because it was stereo-typing and that we weren't going to do that to our nieces and nephews.

So now I have to worry about

- being a good example

- keeping things even between all the children

- supporting them in their dreams even if I don't agree (and not blasting it to the skies that I disagree)

- AND stereo-typing... thank god I'm not having children.

Oh and last week I participated in a Coffee Date and Jordyn from The Fairy Princess Diaries is doing it again!!

1) What fall staples are you looking forward to adding to your wardrobe?

Pants, ankle boots, and scarfs. I hardly ever wear pants but I am starting to like them again so I want to add them and boots to my wardrobe. Oh don't have links though I absolutely LOVE this booties Jordyn shared!

2) Do you tend to make decisions with your head? With your heart? Or a combination of both?

I use to make them with my heart. However Kevin makes all decisions with his head and we are both slowly picking up each others habits. I have to say though sometimes I miss not making logical decisions. It's better for my wallet but I had more shoes before.

3) Seriously how do you pack a tutu?

Absolutely no idea... but I would really love a tutu!

Oh I kinda want this one - The Wendy - Fuchsia from Space 46. Or if I took my time and research it make my own.

4) Do you have any inspirational quotes you tend to turn to? (I’m a sucker for Fitzgerald and Hemingway) #Cliche 

To  be honest I try to find quotes anywhere I go... books, internet, day to day. This is my current favorite. Not really a quote but it's pretty strong for me

Happy Hump Day!!

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