Kevin's Birthday Party

Kevin's Birthday Party

It's not very often I throw a Birthday Party for one of us. But I decided as this is hopefully our last year in Calgary and probably last opportunity to do this with this group of friends it was a great time to Celebrate.

We went to Kinjo for Sushi. It's one of our favorite places to eat. I highly recommend it. I asked Shams to take pictures for me, as I was feeling lazy. 

 Here's Nathan looking over the menu

  Chris and Scott also looking over the menu.


 Megan (we were actually suppose to go on a girls date and see the Giver! Which we will still have to do!) is left, then Kevin (with the posing waitress!) and Neil!

Kevin and I... and a silly tuff of hair that would not lie down!!

The best part of this restaurant for most people is the pockey!

The other part of this restaurant is that they sing Happy Birthday to you and bring out a big box of Pockey with a candle. After the singing we headed home and surprised Kevin with presents

I was actually able to keep the present a surprise from him! So I think he was a little taken a back by it all. I am so glad everyone was able to make it out!! Thank you to everyone for helping me make the party a success!! I couldn't have done it without Shams, Nathan, and Chris! You guys are awesome!

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