OMG It's Friday!!!

I love casual Fridays!! I work this weekend. It feels like it's been years since I've hard to work 13 days straight. Ironically it might be longer than that as I might have to work next weekend too. Guess we will see!

I am also participating again in

Jordyn's Coffee Date

-If you could have a coffee date with anyone who has ever lived who would you choose? And for fun what do you think they would order?

Oh this is a hard one… Jane Austen – and she would order English tea and biscuits (no idea why, it’s just what I picture in my head… high collar dresses and a fancy tea). Lauren DeStefano – if we went to Vendome Café I would like to think she would order the same as me… Salted Caramel French Toast with Bananas and then I would invite her out to watch my friends band. Or Kristen Cashore – I also think English tea but with scones instead of biscuits. I also picture us in comfy jeans a sweaters in a beautiful British café talking for hours and pretending that neither of us is shy.

-Have you listened to “Shake it off”? Are you as obsessed as me (don’t worry it’s okay if you’re not)?

So I only listened to Shake it Off because I got sent this article

27 GIF’s of Taylor Swift Dancing Awkwardly in Her New Music Video

. I was expecting a dumb song and it to be serious from the way the article made it seem. Instead I found a catchy tune where Swift made fun of everything she was attempting to do. She didn’t make fun of the people who are good at it but made fun of the fact that some people are super talent but not at those particular things… if that makes any sense.

Anyways it’s a catchy tune and I LOVE her lips!

EDIT: I love this article about the music video - 

Counterpoint: I don’t think Taylor Swift’s new video is racist

-But seriously what would you get for a guy you are abandoning for 3 months? WHY ARE GUYS SO TOUGH TO BUY FOR?

This is a hard one. Kevin and I have been together for many many years so I am not sure. I would probably be completely cheesy and get him a notebook I’ve filled with letters one to read before bed every night describing how much I love him… except you can’t do that to someone who is still in the “sort of kind of boyfriend-ish person”…. So dear readers if you have any suggestions let Jordyn know (also stop by her blog she is wonderful! And needs a pick me up)

-Do you have any AMAZING beauty products to recommend? Do you look for any excuse to get the glamourous star treatment or is that just me?

My absolute favorite bronzer is

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

! It’s smell worthy!!

And yes I look for any excuse to get the glamourous star treatment except that I have been to chicken to get a full make over by the lovely ladies at Sephora… I really need to! Also I know exactly which sales person I would totally ask.

Happy Friday Luvs!!

ALSO Happy Birthday Jillian!! Sorry I couldn't be at your party! I was there in spirit!!

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