Mom's Birthday

Mom's Birthday


Technically it was yesterday but we celebrated on Sunday. I called her up and asked if she was okay with 50 balloons! AND she laughed and said it was totally fine.... Apparently she didn't believe me because she was surprised when there was a 50 balloon tied to her chair! (good thing 50 balloons won't fit in the car....)

The she opened her card while Dad got to go through the package we got them for their anniversary (it finally arrived! Took for ever!)

Meanwhile us girls had fun with the camera!

Finally Mom opened her present. I did not get a picture of her wearing her present :(

But I did get a picture of some of the fortunes received from dinner (mine is the "life more interesting" to which I hope not as it's already pretty crazy and Kevin's is the success/failure....)

For Mom's present after months of searching I finally found it (in Canada) through South Hill Designs. It was super easy and Sherry was fantastic to deal with. (if you click the image it should make it bigger)

Angela - Blue Zircon - medium blue

Daphne - Sapphire - darkest blue

Charles - Crystal - white/clear

Eliah - Crystal - white/clear

Samuel - Emerald - green

Jessica - Garnet - red

And of course Grandma as Mom's first grandbaby will be joining us in the next month. (And I'll be an Auntie again!)

Lastly I'll leave you with one last picture of this cutey! Who claimed the balloon as her own. She's still a little young and doesn't get the concept of it being Mom's birthday and not hers!

Anyways I hope Mom was surprised and happy with her present! I am so glad it worked out! Thank you Daphne, Dan, and Kevin for helping me get it all together!

P.S. the dress Jessica is wearing is a dress I wore as a kid... I'll see if I can find a picture of it. Happy Tuesday!

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