I decided to review my clothing challenged and then realized I had already worn this shirt once before... BOO for a coffee date and for some makeup I was playing with. That made me check and it turns out I've worn another shirt twice for the challenge! Double BOO (once while wishing Kevin a Happy Birthday and once with a White Blazer. I went through my drawers. Organized them and discovered allot of shirts I have yet to wear!! FAIL!

I think I need to reevaluate where I stand in the challenge and decide whether or not I will continue. I still have a few outfits to share. And I think I would be disappointed if I stopped now... So I am not sure what to do yet. This is definitely my hardest challenge so far!

Anyways I tried this particular outfit on wondering if it would work. While I like how it looks in the pictures, it's just not something I was comfortable wearing out. So I ended up changing into something else. But I love the mix of the two patterns. I like how it looks, maybe one day I'll get to a level where I can wear that shirt in public.

Moving on...

Coffee Date with Jordyn from the Fairy Princess Diaries

-Who is YOUR biggest celebrity crush?

this may be weird and he is old... But Richard Gere. But I don't think it's really a celebrity crush. I am more in love with the characters he general plays - Shall we Dance being the biggest example of that

-What makes you feel most beautiful?

Two things. Kevin makes me feel beautiful he tells me multiple times a day (he is amazing) and secondly taking photos of myself. I don't take outfit photo's to show off my "wardrobe", I do it because it helps me see myself in a different light. And I try to be what I see.

-Which book/tv/movie character do you most relate to?

Ummm this is a hard one. I don't know I loved and related to all the characters Kristen Cashore wrote about in her series (Graceling, Fire, BitterBlue) and that's all I can think about off the top of my head

-What do you believe is the most magical/enchanting thing about everyday life?

No matter what I saw or do he is always there. I don't always understand why he's still there, but he is and I love him.

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