Feels like Fall

I can't believe the change in weather! Suddenly got cold and windy and I really am not ready for summer to be over. I have not gotten enough sun yet!! However the change did give me an opportunity to wear this sweater! Which I LOVE!! I also just wish I didn't have to wear keys around my neck so I could wear a pretty necklace with this sweater.

The other day I sent Kevin a link asking him to pick up the ingredients for a cake. He took it as a could he buy the ingredient and make it. Which wasn't what I meant but it was nice to come home to a cake!! He did a fabulous job despite what he says! And everyone enjoyed it

It's called Skinny Raspberry Chocolate Cake and I found it here. However it isn't really a "skinny" or clean recipe as she claims. But it was moist and yummy! Kevin also liked the icing so much he tossed some blueberries on his plate and added the icing.

I enjoyed it! Plus I love having him home trying things out and cleaning up ;)

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