Foodie Wishes

Foodie Wishes

Last Weeks Wishes

Have a Successful Week!! SOO many events

 - Tuesday - I have two speeches to present in front of Students - the first one sucked, the second one was better.

     - also meeting with my daytime coordinator for Wordfest - she's a lovely woman. And she bought dinner, which was that lovely cheese platter you see above. It was amazingly wonderful and not worth the $18.50 (OMG!)

 - Wednesday - Major work Campus event - I must make sales

     - the first Wordfest event too! - mostly a success. Apparently my stating the events location in every single email still wasn't enough to ensure everyone went to the right venue.

 - Thursday - I am helping set up at one work Campus event and then setting up at a second event. I am running the second event then going back to the first event. So confusing!! - went well. I am so thankful for the second event. It was quiete and I learned about smudging.

 - Friday - The last event but it's outside! Fingers Crossed it's amazing weather!! - weather was good. Unfortunately things were not communicated to me properly so it did not go the way it should have. But it was still a semi-success.

 - Saturday and Sunday I have booked clear as I will need to recuperated from the week! Maybe read some books!! - booked clear didn't last long. We had people over for cooking and games. I'll probably blog about it later.

This weeks wishes

Connect with the trainer at the gym

Work normal hours and get everything done

Check in with Cat, Nicole, and Abigail

Call Mom and schedule when we should start my project

Attend the Amanda Lindhout event

during one of the work events I was at I got to work with this beautiful view!

I managed to 'sneak' a selfie in! :)


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