#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

I think one of the biggest things with books is you have to read them at the right time to have the have an inpact. I just finished #GirlBoss. I have seen it all over the internet. It's quite popular right now (example see Jordyn's post at The Fairy Princess) and I decided to pick it up without really know what I was getting into.

That said I enjoyed this book. I have been excessively down on myself but haven't really been able to pinpoint exactly what's been bothering me. Sophie puts things very bluntly and doesn't lie. She outright states that the first item she ever sold was stolen. But then she realized she wasn't on a path she wanted to be in. So she dug her heels in and did something else - and that lead to NastyGirl's creation.


I have recently come to terms that the job position I am in, is not a role I will ever succeed in because I am not a sales person. I think they thing that's been bothering me the most about that revelation is that it feels like I am admitting to failure. I have always succeeded and done extremely well in every role I have ever had. So to come to the realization that no matter how much I try I am not going to get better at sales, because it just isn't who I am.

Over and over #GIRLBOSS preaches being who you are! Staying your true creative self and I have also come to the realization that I have lost allot of my creativity since I started in the sales position. I'm tired, I avoid people, I don't do photo shoots or experiment, I'm out right worn out. And it's because I've been pushing myself in a direction I do not want to go in. I need to be in a fast paced creative environment that allows for minimal supervision. I just don't know where that is to be found! So as I was reading this book I was putting that into practice at work. I have gone to a few interviews now. And while the jobs haven't worked out, I feel so much better. I know where I stand. I have a direction I am going in and while it might not be perfect things are starting to change. Sophie has a whole section dedicated to Hiring, Staying Employed and Firing. She goes through how to interview, cover letters, and other things. It was kind of perfect timing.

To end I enjoyed this book - I also enjoyed discovering someone who likes surprises just as much as I do

Happy Reading!


P.S. People she mentioned that I would love to do more research on Rosa Parks and Richard Branson

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