Don't Wear White

After Labor Day Weekend?? Isn't that the rule?? (though technically two weeks later... what is the rule on that?)

I am not much for rules and the bigger fact is that these jeans haven't fitted comfortably in over 6 months. SO I was/am so frigging happy to be wearing them again!

 Toss on some silver shoes and I was HAPPY and COMFY!

Oh and speaking of shoes

I work in a public office where people come in and out all the time. At my old desk I could kick off my shoes and sit in all kinds of funky positions because it didn’t matter no one would see anything! But in my new desk it’s open season! 

This is absolutely terrible! The only time I sit like a ‘proper lady’ is when I am in a situation I am not comfortable in. So it has been difficult keeping my shoes on. The other day I kicked off my shoes and chilled out writing a loan and a high end client walked in! It was so embarrassing!

And yet at the same time being barefoot is totally part of who I am. So in the end what does it matter, my feet are clean, polished and the feel much better than squished...

Hmmmmm no matter how embarrassing it is, I'm still gonna do it. ;) Happy Friday!!

Oh Wednesday I had my first evening to myself (since like May!)! I loved every second of it

I read a little, browsed pinterest, watched Girl Rising and ate allot of veggies! It was wonderful!

Girl Rising

- if you haven't seen it I recommend it. It was really enlightening. I think the girl that hit me the most was

Amina from Afghanistan


Yasmin from Egypt

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