Maybe at Some Point

Maybe at Some Point

Left photo was taken last week when the power went out. It was weirdly depressing when the power came back on. Kevin and I were enjoying the peace and it would have been nice if it had last longer. On the other hand, not having a way to charge your cell-phone or worrying about your food spoiling is not fun either, so I am glad the power did come back on in an appropriate time frame.

Last weeks wishes

Connect with the trainer at the gym - haha at this point I should probably just cancel the gym membership. BLARG

Work normal hours and get everything done - not even sure why I put this one there. GAH

Check in with Cat, Nicole, and Abigail - everyone but Nicole :( NICOLE WHERE ARE YOU???

Call Mom and schedule when we should start my project - kinda and then fail. - maybe November?

Attend the Amanda Lindhout event - I feel like it should have been a success, but it feels like it was a failure.

Right photo selfie! I don't know why I took this picture or why I was using the flash, But I do love this photo


This Weeks Wishes

I am not even sure where to start.

Wordfest - time to get cracking. Get the application from Kevin and start implementing or grab some paper and get it started. Enough already it must be done! I need to figure out
a. who is coming to orientation
b. who isn't coming to orientation
c. follow up with people who haven't gotten my emails
d. make phone calls to those that need them
e. review all of Donna-Lynn's notes and touch base
f. send out emails regarding the Vigal - for Donna-Lynn and volunteers

Make an impression on Wednesday

Have Coffee with Abigial and Caitlyn

Get my haircut

Have fun during the photoshoot!!!! (So freaking excited!!

Do well at the University Days - I took the above photo the last time I worked at the University.

Herd Mentality is so not my thing.

I might write a rant about it

Have lunch with Amanda

Attend the Taking Back the Night event

Call/Email everyone who's contact information I got on Sunday

Relax... at some point


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