The Woes of Pants

The Woes of Pants

I have been wearing allot more pants lately. It's been weird. Last year I wore pants maybe twice. I think this is because of my clothing challenge. It's been difficult but I have discovered that I am almost able to fit back into all my pants. Not every pair yet. But it's been happening. It's amazing what eating healthy will do to one's body. Oh and removing gluten. Gluten is serious so damn yummy but makes me feel like shit.

Back to the point. Pants... When I wore this I realized why I hate wearing pants. It rained on my way to work, so my shoes were soaked and my a pant legs where soaked. Shoes aren't an issue I just changed them, but I couldn't exactly change my pants. I of course don't sit like a normal human being and so my butt kept getting wet because I would forget my pants were wet and sit on my feet.

I can't wait to finish this challenge.... I should just make it a rule to only buy dresses and tights.

Dear Pants,

You just aren't worth it...

XOXO Angela

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