White, Striped, Pink

White, Striped, Pink

Here I am back to my white jeans. I am seriously in love with these jeans. They are so comfy!

I am not sure how I feel about the pink blazer, but I was cold and it was unique.

Now onto dessert! I bought peaches for something I wanted to make and it never worked out. AKA I was just so tired so everything started going bad. I was munchie one night so I decided to attempt frying the peaches and adding sugar. I just cut them in half took the seed out and fried until they were soft and slightly brown.

Ironically (Kevin has me so paranoid that I am using this word wrong...) we didn't like the ones with sugar. Without was so much better! It was a good treat and so much easier than my Apples full of brown sugar.

Happy Friday!!

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