Pet Wishes

Pet Wishes

Last Weeks Wishes

Wordfest - time to get cracking. Get the application from Kevin and start implementing or grab some paper and get it started. Enough already it must be done! I need to figure out

a. who is coming to orientation

b. who isn't coming to orientation

c. follow up with people who haven't gotten my emails

d. make phone calls to those that need them

e. review all of Donna-Lynn's notes and touch base

f. send out emails regarding the Vigal - for Donna-Lynna and volunteers

Make an impression on Wednesday – I did in the sense that I stopped my coworker from having some very upset people get mad at her. Back office is very quite and they hate noise and my coworker kept clicking her nails and the people working were getting very upset. I don’t know how she didn’t notice. Anyways I have allot of emails to send out in regards to the tour I did.

Have Coffee with Abigial and Caitlyn – love these ladies!!!

Get my haircut – yes success. Not my usual person but she didn’t funky like my usual stylist and and I am not happy :(

Have fun during the photoshoot!!!! – I did and I am amazed how quickly I wore out compared to Kevin. Must have had something to do with my lack of sleep. Biggest disappointment though I didn’t have enough time to do my nails, shave my legs and pits… oops. Fingers crossed you can’t tell.

Do well at the University Days – only ended up doing one and it was not successful

This Weeks Wishes



Goody Baking

Gift Making

and more Wordfest - I feel so unprepared and I don't know what to do so this must be solved.

Pictures are from my visit with my friend Nicole and her precious little one!

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