The Chocolate Sisterhood

The Chocolate Sisterhood

I while back I found Minttu's blog I am Mrs K and discovered the Chocolate Sisterhood! I love chocolate so I signed up and mailed my chocolate!

I bought the chocolate at Bernard Callebaut Chocolates which is relatively close to where I live. I walked there! I have always wanted to go into the chocolate shop and it was nice to have an excuse to go in!

I loved the idea of giving chocolate so much I ended up buying another box for my friend Heather at the Proud Book Nerd. I honestly can't believe how much fun I had picking out chocolate and hoping they like it! I am seriously going to do this again.

My chocolate shall be arriving within the next few weeks and I can not wait to devour it!! I have to decided if I am sharing with Kevin or not.

I wasn't going to take an outfit photo today day, but Kevin was all for it. Which is funny because he use to hate taking my outfit photos, but hasn't minded doing it these last few months. I was expecting that when school went back into session I won't see him anymore and it's not turning out that way. Which is super awesome! Fingers crossed it stays relatively that way!

However instead of taking pictures of me eating chocolate to match today's theme. I ate frozen Champagne grapes that Kevin had made the other day and they were amazing!!! I probably won't do this kind of grape again, but frozen fruit is a little healthier way to start my mornings than chocolate is.

I am still undecided if I like these glasses or not. I like them in the above photo and hate them in the below photo. Either way, Kevin seems to make everything look good.

Happy Hump Day!! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Chocolaty Day!

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