Drained all my wishes away

Drained all my wishes away

Our sink backed up. A lovely green morbid smelling liquid

Last Weeks Wishes

Wordfest - I am so disappointed. I won't even know where to begin if I could

BabyShower - It was fabulous and

Goody Baking - posting soon

Gift Making - also posting soon!

and more Wordfest - I feel so unprepared and I don't know what to do so this must be solved. - still not talking about it

Then it was a love brown color

This Weeks Wishes

Get over my cold/cough

Get organized for Wordfest

Figure out gym plan

Plumbers came and tore up the sink. I am not losing my damage deposit because of my damn landlord is being an idiot and won't call the plumber the first time. It's been one of those weeks... months actually. Nothing seems to be working well right now. I'm tired and sick. I'm going to take some time to figure out a solution. Not sure what that means but gotta figure it out. I was thinking of a blogging break but then I went through my list of stuff and that's not an option, so not sure what the next option is. 

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