Challenge Done

I have decided that the perfect way to start off a new month is to end my challenge. I am not really sure what the success was. I didn't wear every shirt. I threw away a few/decided not to wear others. But overall I am happy. I had 34 outfits, that is a crazy about of shirts. I think in general I need to review what I have and decide what to do.

a. keep them all because they are awesome

b. give them all away because I don't wear them enough

c. do half and half... 

Either way. Here is links and dates of the challenge. The ones with two date are duplicates :( so I had duplicates but it is what it is. Also no challenge could be completed without the final smash of photos! So I created a collage - love those!

Thanks for following all and have a fabulous Tuesday! Now I need something else....

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