One Day Brave

SIDE NOTE: I'd like to mention that these are from last week. Because Friday last week I got a cough. Which turned terrible on Monday afternoon and has since built into a very unpleasant experience.

Tuesday when I went to the doctor I discovered that I have a chest infection and a stomach infection. I haven't been able to keep a meal down since Sunday night. The doctor insisted I take the week off which is not what I wanted to do. I had/have allot of work to do.

The bad thing about being sick is you can't even do anything fun. I have literally spent every waking moment in bed, coughing or at the toilet, puking. I would much rather be taking the week off to read a dozen books or visit with friends. So I feel like I am wasting my time.

Wasting work hours that I could be productive

Wasting pleasure hours where I could be having fun.

Most times when your sick everyday you get a little better. Instead I have been getting worse. Last night for example and the reason I am posting at this hour, I spent most of it coughing myself awake, to throwing up, to panicking about not being able to breath. I finally just ended up not going back to bed so I could let Kevin sleep. I have a bunch of testing to get done today and my bucket is coming with me :(

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