Kitten Wishes

Kitten Wishes

These Kittens are adorable! They do the cutest things in this window.

Last Weeks Wishes

Get over my cold/cough - turns out I have a stomach infection that lead to a chest infection. I was out all week last week. Feeling somewhat normal today

Get organized for Wordfest - I think so, maybe

Figure out gym plan - once I can move long distances without puking

This Weeks Wishes

Get Healthy

Work and Work HARD

And I forgot to do September Monthly Goals last week, so here they are now

September Monthly Goals

Read - fail... I made it to four books. But I wanted 8. My book list is ridiculous

Go to the gym and run - nope I choose to go in early to work instead

Enjoy the Bridal Show - I did

Succeed at work - I did, but it's not there yet

October Monthly Goals

Host a "Halloween" party

Decorate a pumpkin

Work hard

Eat healthy - fruit and salads

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