Chocolate Wishes

Chocolate Wishes

I posted a couple weeks ago about the Chocolate Sisterhood hosted by Minttu on i am Mrs K. On Thursday my chocolate arrived! Now it's been an insane week and it arrived just in time for the insanity. However I have been home so little I haven't even had a chance to try it all! I am looking forward to digging in this week! So far I have tried Dumle. It's almost like Canada Caramilk bar, but with a coconuty taste to it. Which is weird because as far as we can tell there's no coconut in it. This Chocolate exchange was seriously awesome and I am very up to doing it again some time soon!!

Now for the Wishes!!

Last Weeks Wishes

Take a deep breath and roll with the punches - well I rolled, right into a migraine that was so bad I couldn't see for 12 hours. I had to leave work early and miss a shift at Wordfest. I felt/feel terrible about it!

Get some sleep - hahah not even sure why I put it on here. Sleep did not happen, except the day I was blind because I have no idea how to entertain myself when I can't see.

Enjoy Wordfest - ummm yes no more to come later. I think

This Weeks Wishes

Hit up the Gym

Hit health

Get a Massage

Enjoy Tuesday Night (another Wordfest event)

Relax this week, do nothing but visit with my Sister-in-law, her husband and adorable baby and maybe read a little bit

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