In a Church

In a Church

Last Weeks Wishes

Hit up the Gym - I just couldn't make it out of bed. But I figured sleep was important. So I prioritized that. And it helped

Get healthy - I think that's what this was suppose to say. I've been getting better, until I bought popcorn

Get a Massage - OMG I got a 90 minute hot stone massage that was wonderful.

Enjoy Tuesday Night (another Wordfest event) - ummmm I am not sure I enjoyed it. But it's done

Relax this weekend, do nothing but visit with my Sister-in-law, her husband and adorable baby and maybe read a little bit - I did this but I also played allot of borderlands and it was fabulous!

This is Mushroom Toasts. We went for dinner while the event was happening and couldn't figure out what 'toasts' was. Turns out it means mini toast with yummy stuff on top.  It was delicious

This Weeks Wishes

Return Items to Sephora

Return Items to The Shoe Warehouse

Mail a friend his book - I haven't seen him in forever and it's special editions copy

Go to bed at a decent hour

Go to the gym, doesn't matter what time

Play Borderlands

Pictures are from my very last Wordfest event. Naomi Klein at Knoxx Church. It's a beautiful Church. Thankfully god didn't smite me when I walked in. It's the first time I've been in a church since my sisters wedding and the first time nobody preached to me (YEA!!!) however I did steal, while I was there. Who would have thought that a church won't want to share their water with those working with them? I resorted to stealing water for my volunteers. It was a frustrating as they had flats of water from costco and sold the individual bottles for 2 bucks a piece, but they won't give a bottle to my volunteers or a glass. They were making a killing and four bottles of water wasn't gonna hurt them at all. So I snagged a few when they weren't looking. 

Oh, well! It's a new week and things are looking up!


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