Wine Wishes

Wine Wishes

On top of books Wordfest also gave me this beautiful bottle of wine

Last Weeks Wishes

Return Items to Sephora - DONE!

Return Items to The Shoe Warehouse - DONE!

Mail a friend his book - fail and I need to get on it too

Go to bed at a decent hour - kinda

Go to the gym - the migraine took over and made the week hell. Along with a few other bad instances this week the gym was the last place I could go

Play Borderlands - I did, lots

This Weeks Wishes

Don't make plans on Tuesday

Have a good trip for the long weekend

Pack for the weekend - figure out clothes, food, presents, and more

Make it through work and be good on the phone


October Monthly Goals

Host a "Halloween" party - nope life just got so busy a party didn't happen

Decorate a pumpkin - DONE!! See it here

Work hard - I did, not as successfully as I wanted it to be

Eat healthy - fruit and salads - for the most part. I am not eating as well as I want eat. It's a work in progress.

November Goals

Make ButterTarts

Make Flowers

Enjoy Travel

Make monthly calendar to keep organized

Mail friend a book

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