This Weeks Wishes

Last Weeks Wishes

Drive safely back home - we did but it wasn't enough. Kevin got super sick on the way home. Which caused us to take allot longer to get the Lethbridge. So it was dark when we finally got there. We were both exhausted and not up to driving. Which meant we finished the drive the next morning and I was late for work.

Review pictures and posts and edit everything - I've reviewed the pictures but I haven't posted or done anything.

Go to the gym - nope. But there's a plan

Have fun with Gurjit and the boys - we did! And we made further plans. It was great.

Do wedding things - nope. Gahhh. I need to do them

This Weeks Wishes

Hit the Gym

Have fun Tuesday - take a few pictures too

Take pictures on Wednesday - have fun

Take deep breaths and come up with a plan