Weekly Wishing

Last Weeks Wishes

Hit the Gym - I didn't but I have a plan for this coming week

Have fun Tuesday - take a few pictures too - I didn't because my phone died :( but a co-worker did send me a few!

Take pictures on Wednesday - have fun - I don't even remember what I had planned because it got canceled. This was the week of cancellations. Oh we did end of planning D&D so that was good.

Take deep breaths and come up with a plan - This was for work. It did and didn't work. I need to readjust some things.

This Weeks Wishes

Drive to work everyday

Hit up the Gym in the mornings - should be easier cause I am driving

Don't stress out about the work events

Have fun on Thursday

Blog - I've been slacking

Comment - I've also been slacking

Figure out Christmas Plan

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