The Week from ....

The Week from ....

Last week was a week from hell

Thursday the car needed a boost. Thank goodness I had canceled our plans because we weren't going anywhere. I didn't drive to work, I didn't go to the gym, I can't blog about any of the things that happened besides that, because BULL.


Last Weeks Wishes

Drive to work everyday
Hit up the Gym in the mornings - should be easier cause I am driving
Don't stress out about the work events
Have fun on Thursday
Blog - I've been slacking
Comment - I've also been slacking
Figure out Christmas Plan

This Weeks Wishes

Get Organized - in house and in work
Call allot of people - Abigail, Gurjit, Donna-Lynn,
Winter Clean the House
Book dentist and eye appointments
Met with a lawyer and work shit out
Pay Photo Radar ticket
Pay AMA Renewal
Pay the girls for the bridesmaid dresses
Cancel hair appointment
Complete Wordfest Review
Enjoy the fundraiser

November Goals

Make ButterTarts - nope
Make Flowers - nope
Enjoy Travel - I did!!
Make monthly calendar to keep organized - things happened
Mail friend a book - things happened!

December Goals

Honestly I just want to enjoy Christmas and stay safe.

It's been one hell of a week.

However it's December 1st!! 30 days till my Birthday!

24 days till Christmas.

And at the end of the day even with a week from hell - things evidently will look up!

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