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Working Wishes

GoalsAngela TolsmaComment
Working Wishes

This picture is a random... It's partly my scarf with my jacket in the car. 

I don't know but I really like it

This Weeks Wishes

Get Organized - in house and in work -  Mostly done
Call allot of people - Abigail, Gurjit, Donna-Lynn - CHECK
Winter Clean the House - CHECK (I rearranged dusted, swept, swifered, did the bathroom, and the fridge, it was awesome)
Book dentist and eye appointments - CHECK
Met with a lawyer and work shit out - CHECK
Pay Photo Radar ticket - CHECK
Pay AMA Renewal - CHECK
Pay the girls for the bridesmaid dresses - CHECK
Cancel hair appointment - CHECK
Complete Wordfest Review - nope didn't touch
Enjoy the fundraiser - CHECK

This Weeks Wishes

Hit up the Gym
Find out what gym I can go to in Lethbridge with my gym card
Met with Marriage Commissioners
Find a Caterer
Find invitations to a childrens event
Prep for South Hill Social
Host South Hill Social

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