The Not-ly Wed Game

You've heard of the Newly-Wed Game, right? It's a game where someone asks you a question and you have to answer for the other person. I saw this as a blog post on East& and tucked it away. But I kept thinking about it, so I printed 300 questions and cut them into stripes and tossed it into a bowl. I enlisted Kevin and we began. Most of these photos are fairly old by now but I haven't wanted to post them because I wanted to safe it for the wedding.

So now it's closer and every Wednesday for the next few weeks I am going to do one question and answer. We had allot of fun doing it and I hope you enjoy them!!

First up

How do you define hospitality?

I'm a little excited and Kevin just thinks I'm weird... Oh well he must like me tons cause we are getting married in 47 days!!!

If you would like to ask us a question send me an email!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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