Creativity in Powders, Blushes and Creams

Creativity in Powders, Blushes and Creams

I got my Ipsy bag, it wasn't very impressive so I tossed it into my drawer and walked away. The next day I came back, started putting on my make-up and discovered (no idea how that happen!) the drawer was a mess. But I was in a hurry so I didn't want to deal with it. And as usual when you're in a hurry things go wrong. It started me with dropping the curling iron on my toe. Thank goodness I didn't ruin the iron, my toe took the brunt of the damage! Then I was sharpening an eyeliner and my sharpener decided it would be a good time to pop open and spew its contents all over the drawer and my counter.

To handle this I decided to go to Sephora and buy more makeup (I think I have a problem...)

However when I got home I fixed the drawer up and now it's allot better!

Now normal I would include some details on the Ipsy Bag. However I have canceled my subscription and I am just to lazy to find links for all the products. Out of this months bag I loved one thing (the nyx butter gloss), was okay with two (Sexy Hair and the Mascara), had no thoughts on one product (the face wash, have to try it) and hated the cailyn (I have told Ipsy this so many times). That night I canceled my subscription.

I started Ipsy in April 2014 with the idea of doing a 1 year trail. I didn't even make it one year. I created a scale in the beginning to see where I stood and out of the 45 products I got from Ipsy this is my results

Hate 7

Dislike 7

Neutral 15

Like 4

Loved 8

No Opinion 4 (Eyebrow Pencil, Bronzer, UD Mascara, Eye Liner - just haven't used up my old one to get to this one)

It seems a little unfair to say I disliked Ipsy. Because I don't, they introduced me to some amazing new brands (Too Faced, Urban Decay, Nyx, Benefit). I think I've just gotten to the point where I have out grown them. I have discovered new things, a store that can direct me when I have questions (Sephora!!) and YouTube channels full of Makeup (I am currently following Tati, Jaclyn Hill, Claire Marshall)

When I was cleaning out my makeup drawer I found these products that I just didn't want anymore and/or would not use! So they are sitting on my dresser now and will stay there until I figure out what to do with them.

I am happy with my decision especially because it lead me to


. A similar subscription box just quarterly. I am undecided at this point if I want to get it, I think I will wait until the new year to decide. 

While I was cleaning I also decided to gather up every single lipgloss, chapstick, lipstick, etc that I could find because I am always complaining I don't have enough. And while I still don't think I have enough, I was surprised by how many I did manage to find!

And there we go, I have a whole post dedicated to my make-up (again...)

Can you believe how close to Christmas it is!!

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