The Cat

The bonuses of not working keep stacking up. Previously in my shopping trips I tried hard to avoid buying casual clothes. Because 80% of my time was spent at work, why would I buy something I couldn't wear to during that time. My adorable friend pulled me into Stitches and showed me this cute hoodie and I, of course, had to buy it.

It's completely pointless and totally childish but I have always wanted one and could never find one in adult sizes, kids sometimes have the best stuff!

I hope to always be that adult doing childish things. For example my favorite pair of shoes in High School, were blue, white and red runners that lit up. You know, the kids shoes that light up as they walk exactly that just in size 6 1/2! They were awesome and when your the new kid in school it was an interesting way to make an impression and weed out the friends I did want and didn't want. Small schools though everyone is a friend and an enemy at the same time... oh the drama. That is a story for another day.

A cat hoodie can be dress it up, add an adorable dress and a pair of hot boots! :) 

Happy Sunday!!

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