Sending someone off to travel is always a bittersweet moment. Shams and Alex were off home for Christmas. Alex will be back but Shams won't be back until our wedding. I still wish I had gotten a picture of Alex but Shams, Kevin and I managed a mini photo shoot in the living room.

The very first photo is the only 'normal' photo. But the rest are my favorites! As a joke Kevin shaved off his goatee. I think the very first picture of the three of us is of Shams touching Kevin's facial hair!! I took a screen shot so you could get the idea behind the facial hair.

I'm feeling sappy at the moment. So here is a quick recap of some of the things we've done over the last few years - One of our First Adventures was a late night BBQ. Actually most of the things we did together was gaming or baking. Baking was usually fun things that I won't try on my own, like Deep Friend Oreos, Pie Ships, Tiramisu. My favorite picture is from our Roast Chicken dinner. Our last baking adventure ended with more cookies!

Now on to this weeks wishes!!

Can you believe it's just three days till Christmas!!

Last Weeks Wishes

1. Gym Classes - I have just been failing at this. I think come the new year it will be allot better.
2. Thursday is my busiest day including - success!
- meeting an old co-worker to give her, her parking pass back - actually did this on Wednesday.
- having lunch with Abigail -  LOVE this girl!!
- attending a lunch going away party - we had fun! Tried Eggnog Cheesecake. It was pretty good!!

- taking someone to the airport :( - sad day but he's come safe for Christmas.
- attending another going away party - plan kinda changed but it worked out in the end.

But in that I also want to

3. Buy a gift card - this didn't work out because she came back one day early and I wasn't ready. I might mail it to her.
4. Go to a band event - the event changed from 9 to 11 and while Kevin and I have stayed up ridiculous hours we just couldn't do it.
5. Take another person to the airport - we did another sad moment. And we won't see him again until our wedding.
6. Finalized the catering - almost there!
7. Plan the children's event - gahhhh everything seems to be working against me :( but I'll get there slowly!
8. Organize Pictures and Board Games - yes DONE! So happy with the result!

Out of 12 things I did 7! That is not too bad!!

This Weeks Wishes

Have myself a Merry Little Christmas (I have that song stuff in my head!
Visit My Gramma, Grandpa, and Uncles
Skype with my sister and maybe family near Christmas
Call my Mom
Make arrangements to see a bunch of people
- Elizabeth and Cade
- Erin and Greg
- Jillian
- Jeremy and Jenn

Make Boxing Day Shopping List
Go Shopping on Boxing Day
Figure out what to do for my Birthday!

I wish you all a Fabulous Merry Christmas!!

Or Happy Yule

Or even a Happy Holidays!!

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