Hockey Wishes!

Hockey Wishes!

This weekend we went to a hockey game. I haven't been to one in about 9 years. So it was super nice to go again. At first Kevin didn't want to go but he really enjoyed it and while it isn't something we would pay to do. I would definitely go again! It also really helps that the team you are cheering for WINS!! We won 5 to 4. This is absolutely my favorite picture from the evening!! It was so awesome seeing this random kid and his dad stand up for every goal.

Last Weeks Wishes

Have myself a Merry Little Christmas - yup! 
Visit My Gramma, Grandpa, and Uncles - yup! Posting tomorrow!
Skype with my sister and maybe family near Christmas - we didn't skype but we were super busy and I did text her
Call my Mom - I did... that wasn't a useful conversation
Make arrangements to see a bunch of people
- Elizabeth and Cade - haven't yet I need to remember to do this at a decent normal people hour
- Erin and Greg - same as above
- Jillian - same as above
- Jeremy and Jenn - met with them yesterday!!
Make Boxing Day Shopping List - success
Go Shopping on Boxing Day - we actually managed to get this done on Christmas Eve. Which made me very happy!
Figure out what to do for my Birthday! - I think we have!

This Weeks Wishes

Get together with all the people in town
Play Borderlands
Finish Bouquets
Do Health Benefits
Discuss with Karen the plan for the 31st
Make invitations

I think I will do my yearly wishes next week. I just haven't had the chance to really sit down and think about it. It's also so hard to make a yearly goal list when things are so up in the air!! Right now it looks something like this

1. Get Married
2. Pay off the LOC
3. Kevin graduate
4. Kevin find a job for the day after graduation
5. Redesign the blog
6. Figure out if I am going back to school or doing something else
7. Move

... well it's a start!

Happy Monday!!

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