Happy Birthday!!

It's my Birthday today!! At this time in my life birthdays do not stress me out. Sure I'm another year old, but I truly believe in the philosophy "Your as old as you think" and while I hope I act mature there are some things I am not willing to let go of (this Cat Hoodie for example). This past year has been a year of adventures, I have a recap post for tomorrow, but for now I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the woman I am today, the woman I am becoming and the woman I was yesterday!

While I am probably not staying dressed like this I really wanted to put together a fun outfit. The wig and skirt I have only worn once before and I thought they were a good mix of things I wish to wear more of but do not because I am lazy. Wigs are HOT! and the skirt itches the legs! I wanted to blow out a candle and made a glazed apple crumb muffin to do it on. However I didn't have apples, so I skipped that and made them without. Also didn't want to make the glaze as they are pretty sugary on their own.

On top of my lovely birthday tomorrow my blog turns 3! I have been blogging closer to 8 years. But this little piece on the internet has been active and live for 3. One day I will do something special for it. It's hard to celebrate a blog birthday with some many other things to celebrate at this time of year!


I want to take a moment to mentioned 28 things I loved about this past year. As I said earlier this year has an one of adventures and we have done so many things! You'll see the full recap tomorrow but today I just wanted to highlight a few big things.

1. Kevin proposing at Teatro!
2. Hedley Concert with Caitlyn, Kevin, and one of Cat's friends.
3. Wedding dress shopping with Abigail, Karen, Nicole, Colleen.
4. Kevin's oil burn (sooo freaking scary!).
5. Our Trip to Cuba
6. Getting to know my sister Daphne again. Wow is she an amazing person. It's been so interesting getting to know her again and finding a completely different person, that is strong and I am looking forward to getting to know her more and seeing her family grow. 
7. My side of the Family Camping Trip.
8. SkyTrek Adventure.
9. Kevin's Family Camping Trip.
10. Drumheller with Gurjit and the boys!
11. Edmonton Trip with Gurjit, the boys, Abigail, Shannon and Mara.
12. Bridal Expo with Abigail, Colleen, and Caitlyn.
13. Wordfest.
14. Engagement Photo Shoot.
15. Getting my hair down for the engagement shoot from a lady attempting to get my business for the wedding. It didn't work mostly because she told me how stupid men were and how she was left at the alter. While it's utterly terrible she was left at the alter, it's generally not something you want to tell a potential client when she's about to get married.
16. Paper folding with Kimmy!
17. Coloring my hair purple!
18. Car battery dying twice in one day. Though I didn't really love it, it was an experience
19. Buying my first MAC Lipstick and HELLO it's called Violetta ;) Oh and Philosophy Sugary Cinnamon Icing Lotion! OMMMMMG Amazing! If you have come over and I have not made you smell this shame on me.
20. Borderlands 2 and number 3. Three is awesome. Two was not.
21. Kevin's Birthday Party!
22. Circa Musica with Mom, Dad, Daphne and Daniel.
23. A many hour game of Order of the Stick.
24. Spending weekends playing cards with Kevin, Colleen and Wilf.
25. Holding my nephews and niece for the first time.
26. Attending a Candle Party and buying some interesting candles.
27.Traveling and taking pictures with Pascal.
28. Snuggles with Kevin, Laughter, Tears, and so much more this year, previous years and more to come!!

Happy Wednesday!

Happy New Year!

Many Hugs and Happy Wishes to you!!

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