100 Day No Spend Challenge

100 Day No Spend Challenge
100 Day No Spend Challenge

As of January 5th, Kevin and I are doing a 100 Day No Spend Challenge. I watched Rachel the Hat  do it last year (she's also doing it this year) and I have been thinking about it for a long time. I think it's time. However there are exceptions to this no spend


1. Basic Needs - such as food, toiletry items, moving expense, something needing replacing

2. Anything Wedding related - I need the wedding stuff to not be considered under this because it's important for that to go well

3. Once a week we are allowed to eat out

4. Gift Cards or Birthday Money can be spent


As of January 5th no more

1. Clothes Shopping

2. Make up Shopping

3. Random Eating Out

100 days from January 5th is April 15 2015.

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