Learning Wishes

Learning Wishes
Learning Wishes

Last week I did yearly wishes, but not weekly. So I have no wishes to catch up this week. But I would like to note that I did the following

-went to the gym Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri. I ran 4 our of five days. That one other day I tried to do arms and abs and it was a complete failure. However I made the effort and that is what matters.

-I kept track of my eating.

-I think I reached all my step goals. I wish now that I could figure out how to blog translate all my stats.

So this takes me to this weeks wishes!!

1. Continue with my gym and eating plan

2. Be productive and work on Social Media and Blogging Skills

3. Look into HTML Coding

4. Review bookmarks

5. Do a few outfit posts

6. Skype with everyone important

Happy Monday!!

P.S. aren't my grandparents beautiful people??

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