The Pro's and Con's of Running

The Pro's and Con's of Running


I can watch hdtv - it's sadly addicting

The temperature stays consistent

When your toe nails are long and start cutting the skin of the toe beside it you can just stop and do something about it right then verses having to get home first

No bikes or dogs or bugs

Not having to run in snow

Consistent runway meaning less danger to ankles

these two pictures are from week 3 day 1


The scenery is boring


Running in fresh falling snow at the perfect temperature

If you have gas while running it stays with you and doesn't get left behind

Treadmills don't train for bad pathways, uneven sideways, or quick turns

Running does not increase how many steps you take on your garmin. The steps don't change even if you are moving faster :(

lastly a good quote I found

Happy Friday!!

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