The Wishes of the Week

The Wishes of the Week
The Wishes of the Week

The books I am working through

Last week

1. Continue with my gym and eating plan - yes and no. My workout plan last week changed a bit. I ran Mon, Tue, Thurs and Sat. I didn't do my Wednesday workout at all. Eating was terrible. But for the most part my body feels good, so I don't care.
2. Be productive and work on Social Media and Blogging Skills - I'm unsure how to gauge this one right now. I've joined 20SB but I feel like it's not a very strong community like it was 5 years ago. I am greatly feeling the lack of community since I've stopped working.
3. Look into HTML Coding - I found some things but then Kevin and I had an argument about it. I found online courses for not that much money but he doesn't get it. And then was frustrated when I was asking for his help adding a scroll bar to my new look. Neither of us handle the situation well and so we are back at square one.
4. Review bookmarks - nope
5. Do a few outfit posts - kinda. I have pictures but I haven't posted it.
6. Skype with everyone important - my brain got in the way.

This week

1. Read
2. Watch less TV
3. Do some research
4. Organize wedding posts
5. Social Media - figure out a way to get my blog to post to twitter without all the bloglovin crap surrounding it.

Update on our 100 Day No Spend Challenge

Since January 5

- I forgot we had to make lunches for Kevin so he eat out 3 days out of the first week until I got organized.

- We had free movie tickets so we went "Into the Woods" which Kevin didn't realize was a musical. But we enjoyed it for the most part. There was definitely nothing feminist about the movie. I distinctly got the message "Women should stay at home or they die when they go into the woods"

- Technically we ate out twice in one week. But one was with a group of people who we forgot to ask to pay us back. So it shouldn't really count.

- I also went for lunch with a friend but she bought... so it shouldn't count??

- I was cleaning and I discovered that my floor mats in the entrance are crumbling. The bottom part that stops the mat from sliding on the floor is crumbling apart and making a mess on my floor. My bathroom mat is even worse then the two entrance ones. The first thing I wanted to do was go out and get new ones, it's creating such a huge mess. But I can't decide were buying new ones were drop in the 100 Day No Spend Challenge. Are they are necessity? Or just a spend? We need to have mats and technically the ones we have work. But.... thoughts?

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