Hat Wishing

Hat Wishing

Last Weeks Wishes

1. Read - I did. Not as much as I wanted but I definitely got there.
2. Watch less TV - kinda I watched allot of YouTube. I found Emma and now Little Women, so I am watching that. And then we got the 100 so I've been blitzing that. I think I need to start going to coffee shops.
3. Do some research - I forgot what I was suppose to be researching.
4. Organize wedding posts - mostly done. I have all my posts but two posts are done up to February 6.
5. Social Media - bloglovin'/twitter issue - no such luck other than manually doing it... and I feel like there's a better solution out there.

This Weeks Wishes

1. Get my ring clean.
2. Get dress altered.
3. Enjoy lunch with Abigail.
4. Get teeth cleaned.
5. Drive Safely.
6. Have fun on Saturday! Take lots of pictures!!
7. Run everyday! (except Saturday and Sunday)

This is the last week before the wedding! Things are getting intense!!

Mom and I went shopping last week and while she was trying on a dress I discovered this hidden corner of the Bay. Awesome hats, shoes, and scarves. I, of course, had a blast playing with them and taking pictures!! Hence the reason you are getting a bunch of unrelated pictures to today's subject ;)

Oh I am updating our No Spend Challenge Tomorrow. Happy Monday!!


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