The Wedding Expo

September 14 2014 I headed to the Wedding Expo with Caitlyn (my bridesmaid), Colleen (my mother-in-law) and my dear friend Abigail. Tickets were $20 per person, which I didn't mind paying, parking however was $10 and they didn't take debit or mastercard (I never have cash... so Colleen ended up paying). We went early in the morning. To which I am thankful for, women are crazy! These two photos are from a local photographer. While we already have our photographer, he happens to make these very unique pieces. They are so beautiful and I would love to get it done. I have no idea how much he costs, but I think I would like to DIY it or at least try.

Abigail, Caitlyn and I took a photo at the Flower wall, which was beautiful! I can not imagine how much it would cost to get one made in the middle of winter. They were running a facebook contest, if your photo got the most likes you won a necklace (worth $5000.00). I didn't win, top winner needed 250 likes or something. Also I would rather cash over a necklace!

When you first walk in the door you got bombarded with the Bay trying to sign you up for everything under the sun. I did not want to do a wedding registry, but in the end it was easier just to give my information so they would leave me along. I found three caterers to research into and hopefully find the food I want.

The Wedding Expo
The Wedding Expo

This is everything I got at the fair. A big annoyance was how much un-related stuff they had there -Stripers, XXX Parties, and Passion Parties. I was not impressed with how pushy those companies were and I am glad I didn't bring anyone underage with me.

It was an interesting experience that I won't do again. Too many women... gah. The fashion show was horrendous. And I am not sure it was worth the 80 bucks. But I think it was a good experience

Happy Saturday!!

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