The Bridal Panel and Catering

At the Wedding Expo, I met a lady who asked if I would be part of a Bridal Panel, I said yes. It was hosted at the Wedding Pavilion which I very much wanted to see the inside ff. Thankfully I saw the inside and I am so glad we didn't try to save the money for it. It's to... classic. and unmodern. Which I suppose alot of Brides want that, just not me. On to the actual Panel. It was a little overwhelming sitting in front of 60 people being asked questions. They brought up some interesting points for me.

For example - Wedding Insurance, to ensure if anything bad happens you are covered

The only thing I was super sick the day before the panel and this happened the night my nephew was born, October 1st! Also through the Bridal Show we got an invite to Great Events Catering Sample and Wine Tasting, which was held October 9th. So off Kevin and I went. Now neither of us were really feeling good (aka we needed sleep more than food), so I didn't take a single picture of the entire affair. Turns out they are more pricey than the event planner we had already gone with. And as much as the food was delicious it's not what I wanted (specifically ME in this matter, Kevin just wanted food!). They did give us a parting gift

The Bridal Panel and Catering

The chocolate disturbed me... it wasn't properly wrapped, someone manhandled that (gross). The pens are interesting, feel a little sexist and I am not sure Kevin will use his. But an adventure was had. At the time we went I pretty much knew everything I want for the wedding so it seems silly to go looking. But I really want the experience, the whole picture. Because I sure as hell ain't doing it again!

Happy Sunday!

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